Two new podcasts after a year’s hiatus

I’ve neglected to update my latest ramblings! I’ve recorded two new podcasts. Well, both were recorded at least 6 months ago, but one released a year ago now and the other released just in December.

The first is Talk is Biotech with Gugu Singh from — I’ve been using SciSpot ever since I met founder-brothers Guru and Satya Singh in Y Combinator (summer ’21). You can check out the recording and some highlights from the chat here.

The second is a new podcast called The Proteomics Show, hosted by Ben Orsburn and Ben Neely. We get a bit more into the weeds with the proteomics, rather than the business, but as always there’s plenty of hot takes. It’s listed basically everywhere podcasts can be listed.

Author: Lindsay K Pino

co-founder and CTO at Talus Bio (opinions my own)

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