I am a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Ben Garcia’s lab at the University of Pennsylvania where I’m developing mass spectrometry-based proteomics technologies to study the basic biology of aging. I earned my PhD from the University of Washington Genome Sciences program under the joint advisorship of Drs. Michael J. MacCoss and William Stafford Noble. There, I developed techniques for data independent acquisition mass spectrometry, tackling the challenges associated with scaling up quantitative mass spectrometry experiments. Before graduate school, I spent two years in South Korea as a Fulbright scholar and then three years working as a research associate in Dr. Steve Carr’s Proteomics Platform at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

My research interests are in the roles proteins play in nuclear organization and the maintenance of genomic stability. I’m looking beyond the expression or abundance of a protein to ask how proteins interact with each other, when they interact, and how their interactions manifest into cellular phenotypes.

Outside of research, I am a runner, dog owner, and hiker. Although I completed my first full marathon in 2015, I mostly stick to 5-10k’s with my shelter dog now. I’m most at home in the mountains, especially backpacking. My latest hobby is perfecting my macaron recipe, thanks to the Great British Bake-Off.