The Bioinformatics Chat podcast: Calibrating signal in mass spectrometry and beyond

A few weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Jacob Schreiber on his podcast, The Bioinformatics Chat. Jacob and I met as grad students in Bill Noble’s lab at UW. Chronologically, we were in the same cohort (started grad school in 2014) but he was in the Computer Science and Engineering program and I was in the Genome Sciences program.

From day one, he absolutely blew me away with his knowledge and as a baby bioinformatician, I was so intimidated! For a few years, I barely understood what, exactly, he did. All I knew was that you should always add MORE LAYERS to your neural net. It turned out he, too, barely understood what, exactly, I did. Imposter syndrome is a hell of a drug.

Anyway, you can catch our episode on signal calibration, what it means to be “quantitative”, and whether numbers are even real on Apple, Google, or Spotify now!

Author: Lindsay K Pino

co-founder and CTO at Talus Bio (opinions my own)

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